Rose Clay & Lavender Tub Soak - Nashville Soap co.


Rose Clay & Lavender Tub Soak - Nashville Soap co.


This Tub Soak consists of mineral rich Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink + Pacific Sea Salts and kaolin rose clay that will soften and calm skin. Lavender and lemon essential oils bring relaxing notes to your tub.

Our soak dissolves easily in warm bath - leaving all the skin benefits without the mess. Crafted to soothe & soften. Allow your skin to absorb the abundant trace minerals found in these pure & skin loving sea salts. You will leave the tub with a subtle & relaxing lavender aroma. 

Each ingredient in our Tub Soak has a purpose. No fillers, synthetic fragrance, preservatives or color.

Star ingredients:

  • dead sea + himalayan pink salts - detoxifying, cleansing & soothing properties
  • rose clay - gentle cleansing & purifying properties
  • lavender essential oil - calming properties

ingredients: Dead sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, Pacific Sea Salt, dendritic salt, lavender essential oil, kaolin rose clay, lemon essential oil

To use: Add a handful (approximately 1/3 cup) to warm bath & relax. This amount may be adjusted to personal preference. Pour under running water to help disperse soak. Avoid contact with eyes.

Natural variations may occur as each batch is naturally handcrafted. Each bottle contains 10 oz and should provide 4 generous uses (more or less to personal preference). This product does not contain any anti-caking agents. May give bottle a couple taps if needed. For very last use, may fill bottle with running water to get every last grain of goodness into your tub.

10 oz I glass bottle I please reuse or repurpose

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